Autism or Alt-ism?

I was diagnosed with Autism just before I turned 19… quite late considering my alternative processing capabilities were not acknowledged till I was 17. It took a while for me to accept that I did in fact have Autism; but since I’ve learnt to embrace it; I’ve discovered that my creativity and abilities extend far beyond anything I thought possible.


Autism for me is a way of processing the world that means I experience things on a sensory level that differs to neurotypical individuals. It sometimes means I need things to be explained slower, or in a more direct fashion.


Art for me is a form of creative expression that exists in many forms and mediums. Art, I believe can break down barriers between different groups within society; including the neurotypical and neurodiverse communities. To me, when I, and others make art, it’s all about ‘making to bridge the gap between worlds and eradicate boundaries together, not apart’.

Autism and Art: the correlation

I feel there is a correlation between Autism and art, as we all have creative minds and Autistic people express themselves in many ways including through the arts. The arts provide a cross-cultural and cross-community language that everyone can share and delight in, in whatever medium they may wish to choose to do so.

I see both my ‘art’ and my Autism as parts of me, but not all of me.

I am an Artist. I am Autistic. But, most importantly, I am an individual with a unique style of creative practice, sharing my story with the world through art.

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