The art of the everyday…

In a world where framed portraits, set-in-stone sculptures and huge frescos don great expanses of walls… art is so diverse.

The art we see in galleries is always visible to us as we visit galleries and art museums for a reason, to ‘see and experience art’. However… this got me thinking about the daily occurrences and happenings within life that could be perceived as art, without us really noticing.

The way the leaves form patterns on the surface of water puddles, flowing elegantly in the invisible wind they seem to dance and the float on the top of the collected rainfall.

the way the daily commuter trains run on time, repetitive, a somewhat perpetual motion transporting individuals to and from their homes and workplaces. A journey of discovery.

The way we walk, a motion that is swift yet stagnant at times as we pause, we breathe, we take in our surroundings in order to find our way.

The little doodles we do when pondering life’s biggest questions and theories. The scribbles that form in the corner of notepads that act as a comforting activity where creativity exists through a biro pen.

The art of choosing what outfit to wear. Combining patterns and colours in an arrangement that shows your best personality.

The symphony of noises that blend together seamlessly, or make a noise that we wish not to dwell on or remember. Buzzers, beepers, dings, pings and alarms. The sound of the everyday.

and we, ourselves, are a work of art, a creation that never ceases to evolve and adapt and change depending on our environment, experiences and the occurrences of daily life.

In y perspective, art is everywhere. We just need to notice it, and treat it as art.

Art is a wonderful thing. Truly, simply, wonderful.

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