Can website making be considered art?

As a technological based creative, I am passionate about using digital media to support individuals to become the best versions of themselves.

With a rise in online learning, distanced communication and remote connection between individuals across towns, cities and the globe… websites and the internet have become more of a necessity now more than ever before.

Website design, for me, is an art form in itself. Here’s why…

  • Websites incorporate designs both visual and text based to create pages and interactive material for individuals to utilise, to browse and to ponder.
  • Art is interpretive. Everybody has a different idea of what art is, or what it can be. My philosophy is rooted in the idea that art is everywhere, sometimes we just don’t realise it or consider the maker or ourselves to be artists.
  • Websites take planning, time and care to create. Some can build them in a day, whereas for others like myself, I take an extended amount of time making sure all the fine details work harmoniously to be a part of a bigger picture.

My websites are designed to be as inclusive as possible. Featuring easy to read fonts and text sizes large enough for individuals with visual impairments, a high colour contrast for easier viewing, simple navigation tabs to allow for easy access and, most importantly… are made and designed with an audience in mind.

Technology can be art. Website design can be art. Individuals with creative ideas and a technological background can use both their talents and skills in synchronous ways to make websites an art form they can feel proud of.

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