Perspective is all around us, if we know where to look. Perspective is a word that many think is just a difference of opinion; a variation to our ideologies and belief systems.

Perspective: if it truly all around us, and we know where to look for it, where do we actually find it?

We can find it in the conversations we have with each other – understanding that our unconscious bias and, our conscious bias for the latter have ways of influencing our perspective and the way we choose to broaden our horizons to others perspectives too.

We can find it when we open our ears to people; not just passively, but engaging with their stories, experiences and showing an interest in an authentic manner to what they are communicating. Listening doesn’t just mean with our eyes mind you, it means with our heads, our hearts and our bodies overall. Throwing ourselves into conversations and communicating with our whole self instead of just a part of us can help us to see other perspectives besides our own.

We can find it in the struggles we go through, as everyone has struggled at one point or another in life. It’s not about the gravity of the situation you are in, or the moment you feel ‘recovered’, but the perspective you had before your struggle, during the struggle, and, for some, after the struggle.

If our perspective is to be authentic, yet serve us instead of harm us, we need to operate with a mentality that perspectives can change. Often, we don’t see the whole picture when we are struggling as we forget that perspectives are wider than just ‘in the moment’.

Perspective is also visual. The way we see the world, the angles we view things from. You could be standing in a queue and be halfway back, or, you could be halfway forward. We tend to view things with a meagre amount of optimism; and even though pessimism still frequently occurs – we want to view things from a situation that benefits us in some way, shape or form – whatever this may look like.

When it comes to perspective; the choice is yours. We all have a perspective. So, look up, look out and find your authentic perspective.

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