About Claudia

Creative Statement

Start where you are. Use what you have. Do what you can.

My philosophy centres around the ideology that we are all inherently creative. In our lives; we all have the power inside us to harness this creativity and express ourselves in whichever way, shape or form we see apt. I believe creativity is a powerful tool for individuals to use to find their own purpose through, using a plethora of materials and processes to discover their true and authentic identities.

Rooted in using new developments and emerging creative platforms to provide powerful experiences for all to enjoy; every individual has the potential to define their own identity – as an artist, as a creative, as an educator, as a leader, or all of these combined- if they wish to do so.

As a creative educator with a passion for fusing the digital and daily realms together, technology plays a core role in my creative practice. I strive to create works of performance that use low-tech and widely accessible media in order to impact the lives of audiences watching or participating within my artwork including websites, videos and pieces of live performance.

Within my ever-evolving creative practice, I believe there is a clear link between my neurodiversity and my ability to develop creative pieces of work. As a neurodiverse individual, I use my experiences to influence my creative practice – using the barriers and stigmas that society places upon those such as myself to spark a social change and attempt to eradicate stereotypes in the world; if only on a minor scale.

My creative practice does not consist only in traditional creative settings such as theatres and exhibitions: it extends to conferences, educational settings and online… all with a core theme of PERSPECTIVE and using the power of creativity to support individuals to live their best lives.

‘Perspective-play’ can be seen in my work often as I overexpose images using free editing software, using distortion through soundscapes and visual graphics in order to create work that focuses on tantalising the senses and allowing audiences to experience life ”in my shoes”- if only for a brief moment. Creativity is powerful, when seen from another perspective.

The processes I take, therefore, do not always make immediate sense when I present work. This is because my Neurodiverse mind works differently, not less… and allows me to think in a way where I can view the minor details as-well as the ‘bigger picture’. Nothing in my work is ever ‘plain’, I aim to create work that encourages the viewer to take a step back and ‘check their bias’ in the hopes of showing them the spectrum of colour in my world that exists beyond just the monochrome and face value. 

I aspire to support individuals in their creative journeys through life: through exploring, discovering, adventuring and making artwork that allows them to authentically represent themselves and self advocate. In particular, I have a keen interest and drive to support people with High Functioning Autism Spectrum Disorders, and young people in alternative provision educational organisations.

As a mental health and disability advocate, I am passionate about creating environments where individuals from all walks of life can feel safe, comfortable and supported when creating and shaping their own journeys through life. Sometimes, lending a listening ear over a cup of coffee can be the difference between an individual struggling and an individual turning their struggles into a story they wish to share with the world.

So, step into my world.

Curriculum Vitae

Available as a downloadable PDF.