Arts Activities

As a creative practitioner; I have participated in and ran various arts workshops that feature many varied activities to immerse participants and invite artistic collaborations to occur. Here is a selection of arts activities that you could use with various groups, or on your own! Split into sections for pre, during and post arts sessions; these activities can be adapted to suit artists of various needs, mediums, skill levels and communication diversities. Get creative!

(As I grow within my creative practice; more activities will be added.)

Breath, Body, Brains!

Sens-ational Engagement

Within the arts, there are many ways to engage and experience creativity. Have you or your participants tried to use all the senses?

Object Theatre: Everyday art materials

Art is all around us, including in the everyday objects and materials we use!

Try considering these questions next time you pick up an object….

Storytelling workshop series – Session plans

If you are interested in using storytelling for creative and social change; take a look at how digital technologies and everyday art materials could be used within workshops. This plan features a 6 week schedule- however it is adaptable to your group. For more information or to discuss this further please get in touch.

Workshop Content Plan

  • 6 x 60 minute workshops
  • 1 theme each workshop (medium/materials)

Workshops will be 60 minutes long and follow a loose structure as follows:

0-10 minutes: Starter (Ice Breaker to get us in the ‘zone’)

10-15 minutes: Demonstration (How I create and use the materials/medium)

15-50 minutes: Explore (Experimenting using a guided brief)

50-60 minutes: Reflect (Discussion and feedback to review the medium and materials)

Weekly structure:

Week / ThemeStarterDemonstrationExploreReflect
1 / Story developmentStory developmentHow to storyboard ideas PlotCharactersScene design  Create your own storyboardWhat did you like/ dislike?  
2 / ProjectionsThink about the setting for your scene- what would it look like? Decide on a background idea.How to create backdrops using paper, pens and props Making backgrounds using magazine clippings/photographsThinking about mannequin/person placementTime of day/time of scene (context)Use paper, pens and props to make the projection background.What did you like/ dislike?  
3 / PhotographyImagine taking a ‘snapshot’ of your story- what would it look like? Draw this out on paper.  Photography tools using your smartphone/tablet. AnglesTypes of shot Perspective shots for dramatic effectTake pictures of / draw / position the mannequins in 5 still posesWhat did you like/ dislike?  
4 / SoundImagine the sounds of the scene – make a list of sounds your story needsFoley (noise making) Making noises using objects around you/provided YouTube background noises for dramatic effectSound effects for your 5 images/posesWhat did you like/ dislike?  
5 / LightingThink about all the light sources you have around youLights and mannequins 3 point lightingShadowsReflectionsColoured gels for emotionsLighting your scene with the mannequins, props, backdrop and sound.What did you like/ dislike?  
6 / Freeplay finaleBring your story to life with all the materials, using whichever techniques you like the most (from weeks 1 to 4).Share our Stories.  

Screen Dash!

Want a fun activity when working remotely or in person? Try this!

Task/Activity DescriptionScreen Dash (in person)Screen Dash (in person following covid guidelines)Screen Dash (remote)
How did it work?This would be done with subjects within close contact, but not touching each other. Subjects only touch each other through the ball. Able to pass the ball between each other within a designated space.Two people standing 1/2m apart (dependent on current guidelines and government guidance). In taped boxes using sides and corners of box space to experiment with movement of the object.Two people on either ends of the screen communicate and find as many ways of passing the object of interest between each other.

Create a character – Team task

Within your workplace, group or team – try using this activity to develop a character, team mascot or person that encompasses all of your skills/ideal employee/diversities.

Task / Activity DescriptionCharacter Making (in person)Character Making (in person following covid guidelines)Character Making (remote)
How does it work?Drawing around each other on large pieces of paper. Collaboratively writing words and discussing ideas.Each took a part of the anatomy (head, legs, torso and arms) and wrote in each. Discussed ideas collaboratively in small group at a distance. Taped pieces of body together to create one big mural person of all ideas.Using Teams Whiteboard function to draw.  Each person was able to take a colour and draw collaboratively. Discussion over microphone to give ideas.