Diversity and inclusion: Creating a safer space for all

There are many ways in which artists, facilitators of creative pursuits and the ‘average joe’ can support the development of safer spaces where difference and diversity can be embraced. First; ask yourself these questions… When I meet someone with differencing views to my own… how do I react? When I am in a room with … More Diversity and inclusion: Creating a safer space for all

Inclusive arts and me

Coming from a marginal background being Autistic, disabled and having mental health conditions; inclusive arts has always been a difficult sphere of the creative arts that I have experienced. So how do I try to be inclusive within my creative practice? Share my story with individuals I collaborate with: by opening up about my difficulties, … More Inclusive arts and me

Can website making be considered art?

As a technological based creative, I am passionate about using digital media to support individuals to become the best versions of themselves. With a rise in online learning, distanced communication and remote connection between individuals across towns, cities and the globe… websites and the internet have become more of a necessity now more than ever … More Can website making be considered art?

Autism or Alt-ism?

I was diagnosed with Autism just before I turned 19… quite late considering my alternative processing capabilities were not acknowledged till I was 17. It took a while for me to accept that I did in fact have Autism; but since I’ve learnt to embrace it; I’ve discovered that my creativity and abilities extend far … More Autism or Alt-ism?