Latest Project

As part of my MA in Inclusive Arts Practice; I have developed, designed and made a creative resource website called IO Stories.

How can everyday art materials support Neurodiverse people to tell stories and share life experiences?”

To explore this query I had, I ran a series of creative workshops for two Autistic individuals to explore how everyday art materials can support them to tell stories and share life experiences. In the workshops participants were encouraged to develop self-agency by choosing the materials and creative processes they were using to tell stories.

For my creative response I present IO Stories: a web-based resource designed for academics, educational professionals, inclusive artists, and creatives interested in designing and facilitating storytelling workshops for Autistic individuals. It suggests a transition away from notions of Autism as a deficit and seeks to promote and embrace a ‘Spectrum of Storytelling’, where all processes are valid to not only the Autistic creator, but within wider society.

This multi-faceted website features a poster on assessing Autism and the role storytelling has in the process of diagnosis; an audio description on using devised storytelling processes with Autistic people and a video showing my unique storytelling process as an Autistic artist.

If we are open to the possibility that stories can exist in many forms and take on many narrative mediums; we can create environments where traditionally stereotyped and marginalised individuals can flourish creatively.

There is potential to expand IO Stories as I grow as a creative practitioner. This could include working with other individuals with Autism, developing my own artistic storytelling processes and collaborating and facilitating storytelling and narrative workshops for Neurodiverse people.